Pisa and surroundings 

Pisa is only 8 km far from here and you cannot miss a visit to Plaza of the Miracles and admire some masterpieces of the European Romanesque architecture, that is the monuments that form the centre of the city religious life, the so-called Miracles for their beauty: the Cathedral resplendent of a particular light, the great and solemn Baptistery, the Cemetery and the Leaning Tower.
At 30 minutes' drive you can see one of the most famous art cities in Italy, worldwide known for its intact surrounding walls: Lucca.
For its immense artistic value it has been proposed to Unesco as patrimony of humanity.
Every year in summer, in the lovely village of Torre del Lago, 20 minutes drive from the Villa, where the famous musician Giacomo Puccini lived and composed a lot of his works, the "Festival Puccini" is held in a theatre in the open air facing the Massaciuccoli Lake.

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